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**Please Note Our New Telephone Number: 314-200-9940**
These Are Some of the Radios We Restored For Our Customers
Zenith 5-S-218 Philco PT-61 Pagoda Sentinel 214-T Emerson 440 Zenith 6-D-525

Acratone 134 Radio Emerson 156 General Electric M-63 Philco 37-89 Philco Model 18

Zenith 5-S-127 Philco 89 RCA 121 Stewart Warner 03-5E1 Philco 89B

Philco 39-7 Arvin Hopalong Cassidy RCA 75x17 "Oriental" Garod 6AU1 Capehart C-14

Atwater Kent 206 Zenith 6-S-152 Emerson AE163 Fada 260 Radio Zenith 9-S-262

Rogers Majestic 4511 Atwater Kent 944 Air Queen Radio Philco 41-226 "Sled" Belmont 6-D-111

Truetone D-1015 Crosley 11-104U "Bullseye" Grunow 450 Radio Kadette 43 "Jewel" Emerson 126 Radio

Coronado 527 Radio Silvertone 3551 Radio Philco 610 "Bullet" Majestic 551 Radio RCA X-552