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Table models: four through six tube sets $39.50 plus parts.
Cathedral and Tombstone models: four thru six tube $59.50, seven thru nine tube $79.50 plus parts.
Consoles: are based on $9.50 per tube. For example, a ten tube console would cost $90.50 plus parts.

Our service also include:

  • Shop vac chassis.
  • Test all tubes and replace as necessary.
  • Replace filter, coupling, and bypass capacitors.
  • Replace line cord.
  • Check and replace out-of-tolerance resistors.
  • Inspect wiring.
  • Align RF, I-F, and Oscillator stages.
  • Clean volume and tone controls, clean and lubricate band select switch and tuner.
  • Minor Speaker repair.
  • 90 day warranty.