What Our Customers Are Saying

  The AMT3000 transmitter arrived today and it is up and running.  It's better than I thought it would be.  There is absolutely no buzz or fuzzy sound -- nothing but clear, loud signal on ALL my radios throughout the house.  I am so pleased!  Thank you for your fine work.
~Michael C.  NY

  Without a doubt the AMT3000 is the finest transmitter I've ever owned! The sound quality is excellent and well within my price range.  I highly recommend it.
~George B.  OH

  I'm very impressed with the AMT3000.  I've been searching for a decent AM transmitter to broadcast music and old radio shows to my vintage radio collection for a quite some time.  The AMT3000 was just the thing I need.  It's audio quality is crystal clear and sounds as good if not better than our local AM station.  Keep up the good work!
~Carl W.  CA

  Old Time Radio really came to life over my Zenith 9S-262 console radio with my new AMT3000.  This is so much better than listening to Old Time Radio Shows on a cassette player.  Keep up the great work!
~Jim F.  CA

  I have two other AM transmitter's I've had for years and they don't come close to the performance of the BC-100.
~Joe V.  WI

  I received my AMT3000 today, took it out of the box, hooked it up and it worked perfectly.  This is just what I wanted.  It does just exactly what I wanted it to do.  I would like to thank you very much for your help and assistance and I am sure that I will enjoy this for many years to come.  Your friends at SSTRAN were correct when they said you were good people to deal with and honest.  I will recommend you if any of my friends want to purchase one.  Thanks again from a very satisfied customer.
~Jerry W.  IL

  Received the AMT3000 Pro this afternoon and listened to a "Gun Smoke" episode transmitted from my computer to my 1937 Zenith.  The sound was excellent!  Thanks!
~Irma & Henry R.  FL

  My AMT3000 transmitter arrived several hours ago and I love it.  Happy, elated, and any other adjective that you could think of!  It brought life to my antique radios.  I can't say enough and I plan to be saying plenty to every radio buff I know.  Well worth it!  Thanks so much!
~Roger S.  MA

  Bought your MW-100 back in 1991 and I'll and it still works and sounds great.
~Bill C.  KS

  I purchased the AMT3000 kit and thought I could build it myself but couldn't as the parts are too small and so sent it to you.  Thanks for building it for me it works great.
~Sid M.  TX

  I've always been a broadcasting buff and thought I tried every type of low power transmitter available until I ran across the BC-100.  What a difference it made.  Now I get a loud and clear signal of old time radio throughout my home.  Your BC-100 out does them all.
~John M.  CT


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